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Mother and Baby

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October, 2013

22 Oct 13

Quick and easy packed lunches for kids

As a working mum, it’s sometimes tempting to save time and energy by sending my children off to school with a store-bought packed lunch or with a few pounds of pocket money so they can buy lunch. But those meals are usually high in the bad stuff and low in the good, so I try to avoid doing this. Instead, I like to prepare quick and easy packed lunches that are also tasty and healthy. The best packed lunches are the ones I can whip up and keep in the fridge during the week, so when it comes to filling my sons Jack and Rodger’s Spiderman lunchboxes in the morning, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes. I always include a piece of fruit and sometimes a small piece of chocolate if the boys have been good, and I avoid fizzy drinks at all costs. Here are some of my go-to recipes for […]

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07 Oct 13

The importance of a working mum’s me time

Wake up, get ready, get the children ready, make breakfast, eat breakfast, and make packed lunches. Take the kids to school, work, pick the kids up from school, take the kids to extracurricular activities, cook a healthy dinner, eat, shower, and sleep. Repeat five days a week. My day-to-day routine is quite hectic, leaving very little time to spend time alone or with my husband John. But a working mum’s me time is important and something that shouldn’t be skipped. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy! Alone time It’s not always easy to make a dramatic upheaval to your timetable just to make sure you get a little bit of alone time. Parenting is a 24-hour job. But stealing moments here and there for yourself can make a huge difference. Don’t make the mistake of thinking ‘me time‘ doesn’t matter. Retirement is a long way away, and you will wear yourself […]

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