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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with unnecessary stress

03 Oct 13

Parenting no-nos: Comparing your child to others

A common mistake that first-time parents make is comparing their child to others, whether positively or negatively. Even seasoned parents do this! For some, it’s the worry that something is wrong because their child is learning to do new things later than other children. For others, it’s the excessive pride they feel for their child that turns into unhealthy competitiveness. Whatever the reason, comparing your child to others will cause you and possibly your child unnecessary stress. A child’s development isn’t a competition! Baby milestones When it comes to walking, talking, and sleeping, children hit milestones at different times. For example, the general trend for babies is that they take their first steps sometime between nine and 12 months. But it’s not a problem if your child takes a bit longer. It’s perfectly normal for many children not to walk until they are 17 or 18 months old. As for talking, it’s a […]

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