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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with swaddling

17 Jul 13

The Swaddling Basics

The tender act of swaddling has been a tradition in my family for generations. My grandmother swaddled my mum, she swaddled me, I swaddled my infants, and so forth. This simple tender act is a wonderful way for parents to protect their newborns and help them to sleep. Here are four things you should know before attempting it yourself: Swaddling benefits both mothers and children. Mothers try to imitate the womb for their stressed and colicky newborn infants by wrapping them up in a warm blanket. After being in a tight space their entire lives, albeit only nine months, feeling secure in a place can calm and put to sleep even the fussiest babies. It also helps avoid the Moro reflex that most infants up to four or five months old feel. When a crying baby sleeps, the mother also has a chance to rest, whether it be with her […]

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