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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with sleep deprivation new parent

31 Oct 13

Coping with sleep deprivation as a new parent

As a first-time parent, your life has changed significantly. You are now charged with the care of a precious little infant who, among other things, doesn’t yet have a sleep schedule in sync with yours. Sleep deprivation as a new parent can be tough – it’s fairly common to average only four consecutive hours of sleep a night. But this can have a knock-on effect on your performance and ability to focus during the day. It’s important that first-time parents know the best ways to cope with this inevitable lack of sleep. If baby sleeps, you sleep A good rule that new parents should follow is: if your baby is sleeping, you should be sleeping. If you take advantage of the time that your infant is asleep, you will find that you get more hours of sleep overall. They may not be consecutive hours, but every little bit helps. Some parents have […]

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