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Recipes with pink eye

13 Aug 13

Pink Eye in Children: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Small children can be prone to red, irritated eyes, most commonly known as pink eye or conjunctivitis. New parents should be on the lookout for pink eye in children to prevent and/or treat this infection if it appears, and avoid long-lasting damage. Of course first-time parents should avoid paranoia and be careful not to diagnose the symptoms incorrectly. Babies are prone to eye discharge while sleeping, thus waking up to sediment. Gentle massages in the corner of the eye can improve that problem. Pink Eye Symptoms and Causes The main symptoms are red, watery eyes that leak white mucus. In more advanced cases, it could even be yellow or green. If that happens, consult a doctor immediately! If you fail to treat conjunctivitis, it could lead to permanent damage for your child. Not all cases are caused by the same thing. Newborns are susceptible to infection during their journey through […]

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