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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with breastfeeding

02 Sep 13

Introducing solid foods to babies

Babies grow and change so quickly. Your newborn won’t be a newborn for long! Just when first-time parents have mastered the basics such as breast-feeding, their baby becomes curious about what mummy and daddy are eating and begins to reach for a taste of this and that. Introducing solid foods to babies is one of the first major transitions that parents must navigate. But how do you know when your little one is ready? Reading the Signs There are a variety of things to consider when deciding if you should wean your child on to solid foods. Babies normally begin to sample solid foods around six months old when they have at least doubled their birth weight. Be careful that you do not start too early! The digestive systems of young infants cannot handle solid food. An important factor in determining if your baby should try solid foods is the presence or […]

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18 Aug 13

Birth control for new mums

The arrival of a newborn into the lives of first-time parents is filled with joy and plenty of activity! Mums will spend hours staring adoringly at their little one and making sure the baby has all its needs provided for. However, parents should not forget their own needs as well, and that includes maintaining a healthy relationship with their spouse. A new mum needs time for her body to heal, but the average couple resumes sexual activity approximately 40 days or so after the birth of their child. That should give enough time to physically heal. Of course, each case should be consulted with a doctor. However, new mums should carefully consider safe forms of birth control. Although breastfeeding is seen by some as a natural form of birth control, it should not be trusted completely. Taking pills could affect a mum’s hormones, which would then affect her newborn. There […]

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