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Mother and Baby

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11 Sep 13

Travelling by car with a baby on board

Car journeys with a baby can be a stressful experience for first-time parents. The sights and sounds of traffic can be stressful for your baby, too! With cars honking, tyres screeching, motors revving and traffic whizzing by, it’s no wonder some babies become unsettled. But there are certain things mum and dad can do to make travelling by car with a baby easier for everyone on board. Encourage sleep Try to plan car journeys for when your baby is due for a nap. That way, he or she can doze off while you navigate traffic. Always travel with a soft blanket to encourage your baby to sleep in the car, especially if the journey is long or you are travelling at night. Things generally take a lot longer when young children are involved, so make sure you leave extra time to complete the trip. Drive at a steady speed and avoid any harsh […]

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02 Sep 13

Introducing solid foods to babies

Babies grow and change so quickly. Your newborn won’t be a newborn for long! Just when first-time parents have mastered the basics such as breast-feeding, their baby becomes curious about what mummy and daddy are eating and begins to reach for a taste of this and that. Introducing solid foods to babies is one of the first major transitions that parents must navigate. But how do you know when your little one is ready? Reading the Signs There are a variety of things to consider when deciding if you should wean your child on to solid foods. Babies normally begin to sample solid foods around six months old when they have at least doubled their birth weight. Be careful that you do not start too early! The digestive systems of young infants cannot handle solid food. An important factor in determining if your baby should try solid foods is the presence or […]

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29 Aug 13

Exercise for New Mums and Babies

A new baby is both exciting and challenging, and activities such as exercise and sleep can take a backseat to spending time with your new addition. Finding time to work out may be the last thing on your mind, but exercise for new mums has so many benefits and is not as impossible as it seems. In fact, there are many joint workouts news mums and their little ones can do together. Postnatal exercise is a great way to bond with your baby while getting back into tip-top form. It’s important for everyone to be physically active, not just new mums. Regular exercise reduces the risk of major illness and depression, boosts mood and self-esteem, and helps you live longer. For mums especially, pregnancy takes a toll on the body, stretching and weakening the core abdominal muscles, which stabilize the body and support the back. Getting these muscles back into to shape is not only […]

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18 Aug 13

Birth control for new mums

The arrival of a newborn into the lives of first-time parents is filled with joy and plenty of activity! Mums will spend hours staring adoringly at their little one and making sure the baby has all its needs provided for. However, parents should not forget their own needs as well, and that includes maintaining a healthy relationship with their spouse. A new mum needs time for her body to heal, but the average couple resumes sexual activity approximately 40 days or so after the birth of their child. That should give enough time to physically heal. Of course, each case should be consulted with a doctor. However, new mums should carefully consider safe forms of birth control. Although breastfeeding is seen by some as a natural form of birth control, it should not be trusted completely. Taking pills could affect a mum’s hormones, which would then affect her newborn. There […]

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13 Aug 13

Pink Eye in Children: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Small children can be prone to red, irritated eyes, most commonly known as pink eye or conjunctivitis. New parents should be on the lookout for pink eye in children to prevent and/or treat this infection if it appears, and avoid long-lasting damage. Of course first-time parents should avoid paranoia and be careful not to diagnose the symptoms incorrectly. Babies are prone to eye discharge while sleeping, thus waking up to sediment. Gentle massages in the corner of the eye can improve that problem. Pink Eye Symptoms and Causes The main symptoms are red, watery eyes that leak white mucus. In more advanced cases, it could even be yellow or green. If that happens, consult a doctor immediately! If you fail to treat conjunctivitis, it could lead to permanent damage for your child. Not all cases are caused by the same thing. Newborns are susceptible to infection during their journey through […]

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09 Aug 13

Where did I leave my keys? Memory loss during pregnancy

When I was a first-time mum, I felt like I had lost my marbles! The baby had not arrived yet, and I was feeling so forgetful and out of sorts. I could never remember where my keys were, and once I even found them in the fridge! How did they get there? I can’t remember.   I annoyed my girlfriends by forgetting our coffee dates, and if I went to the supermarket without a grocery list, I would come home with only half of what I needed. Have you ever walked into a room for a specific reason, but when you arrive, you stand there like an idiot because you have forgotten why you had gone there in the first place? Yes? That was me times ten! Society for Endocrinology Friends of mine, who were also first-time mums, had the same complaint. Interestingly enough, I later read several studies by the […]

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03 Aug 13

Benefits of breast-feeding: what new mums should know about nursing

Thanks to technology, now breast-feeding isn’t the only option for nourishing your baby. Mums can now choose baby formula instead. In our convenient day and age, it’s just a matter of picking up the baby bottle from the nearest supermarket! Baby formula can be quite convenient, it helps mums avoid sore nipples, plugged ducts and possible breast infections. However, women who choose formula as opposed to breast-feeding are often criticised, but I believe in free choice. Motherhood has evolved and is a very individual and unique experience. If a mum does her research and is informed on the pros and cons of both methods, then she should be free to choose. There are many options for nourishing your child. You can use either method exclusively or choose a combination of both – there is no right answer. I think that nursing has a lot of advantages, though, and I hope […]

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24 Jul 13

How new fathers can bond with their babies

Throughout their pregnancy, labour and first months of nursing a baby, mothers receive healthy doses of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for the strong love and tight bond between mother and child. Fathers, on the other hand, do not have such a strong physical pull towards their children. Their initial reactions to children are varied. My father-in-law told me that when he saw his daughter’s face for the first time, his whole world changed from black and white to colour, much like the sensation Dorothy experienced when she travelled to the magical world of Oz. While those feelings are valid and beautiful, not all fathers feel an immediate connection with their newborns. Many husbands are unsure of how to cope with the tiny new person in their lives or how to connect and create the father baby bond. Do not worry! Even if there is no sudden spark, your relationship can […]

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17 Jul 13

The Swaddling Basics

The tender act of swaddling has been a tradition in my family for generations. My grandmother swaddled my mum, she swaddled me, I swaddled my infants, and so forth. This simple tender act is a wonderful way for parents to protect their newborns and help them to sleep. Here are four things you should know before attempting it yourself: Swaddling benefits both mothers and children. Mothers try to imitate the womb for their stressed and colicky newborn infants by wrapping them up in a warm blanket. After being in a tight space their entire lives, albeit only nine months, feeling secure in a place can calm and put to sleep even the fussiest babies. It also helps avoid the Moro reflex that most infants up to four or five months old feel. When a crying baby sleeps, the mother also has a chance to rest, whether it be with her […]

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