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03Aug 13

Benefits of breast-feeding: what new mums should know about nursing

Thanks to technology, now breast-feeding isn’t the only option for nourishing your baby. Mums can now choose baby formula instead. In our convenient day and age, it’s just a matter of picking up the baby bottle from the nearest supermarket!

Baby formula can be quite convenient, it helps mums avoid sore nipples, plugged ducts and possible breast infections. However, women who choose formula as opposed to breast-feeding are often criticised, but I believe in free choice. Motherhood has evolved and is a very individual and unique experience. If a mum does her research and is informed on the pros and cons of both methods, then she should be free to choose.

The Benefits of breast-feeding: What new mums should know about nursing

The Benefits of breast-feeding: What new mums should know about nursing

There are many options for nourishing your child. You can use either method exclusively or choose a combination of both – there is no right answer. I think that nursing has a lot of advantages, though, and I hope that this blog post proves helpful as you make an informed decision.

The Benefits of Breast-Feeding for Baby

A new mother’s milk is full of secretory immunoglobulinA (IgA) which fights against germs and infection in a newborn. This special substance can help protect your child against ear infections, respiratory illness, allergies and other common diseases by youngsters. The results of this serum are long-lasting, as studies show that it can prevent future illnesses later on in life such as juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and childhood cancer.

Breast milk is like a wonder drug. Not only does it contain IgA, but it is also composed of the exact amount of proteins, fats, and vitamins your infant needs! I marvel at how a mother’s body miraculously knows what her child needs, but studies prove that this is so! A nursing mum can rest easy knowing that her child is getting all the nutrients he needs to grow healthily.

Bodily functions and excrement are also affected by breast milk! Since it is easily digested, infants are rarely constipated and have milder-smelling stools than babies given formula.

Nursing Advantages for Mum

In my introduction, I listed some disadvantages of breast-feeding for mum, but really, there are also advantages! One such advantage is the economic factor. Think about how many pounds you’ll be saving by not buying formula! Breast milk is free! Also, since it protects against infection and illness, there will be fewer doctor’s visits for an ill baby.

Breast-feeding is also known to fight against post-partum depression. Nursing releases the hormone oxytocin, which produces a feeling of nurturing and relaxation. This drug will help a mum bond with her baby and relax while doing so.

There are plenty of other advantages of nursing. I encourage you to do some more research to aid you in your decision.

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