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Mother and Baby

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November, 2013

30 Nov 13

Soothing a crying baby

As a first-time parent, one of the first things you will have to learn is how to soothe your baby when he or she is crying. The first step to soothing a crying baby is to find out why he or she is crying. It can be a challenge, like learning another language! For new parents, trial and error is a good way to start until you learn to distinguish between cries. Your baby may cry because he or she is hungry, tired, bored, too hot, too cold, overstimulated, has a dirty nappy, has wind, or simply wants a cuddle. Depending on the reason, here are some ways to comfort them. Suckling and singing The action of suckling can be soothing for your baby. If you are breast-feeding, try letting your baby suckle your breast, or if you are bottle-feeding, give them a sterilised dummy. Do not dip it in anything sweet […]

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21 Nov 13

Effective and humane ways to discipline your children

Parenting, while a joy most days, can be challenging for first-time parents faced with a naughty child. Your patience may wear thin and you may feel overwhelmed or frustrated, especially if your child continues on with his or her bad behaviour. It is important to humanely discipline your children, but it is just as important for parents to understand the purpose of discipline. It is not about serving justice – your home is not a courtroom, and the parent-child relationship shouldn’t model itself after that of a judge and defendant. Discipline is about changing behaviour for the positive. The technique that you use to enforce good behaviour in your children will vary according to their age and level of understanding. Try reading up on child development to better assess which technique is appropriate for which age groups. For example, distraction is an effective discipline method with younger children and toddlers – when they are […]

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14 Nov 13

A first-time parents’ guide to cleaning the nursery

As many first-time parents soon find out, little babies are particularly good at making big messes. This means your nursery can harbour all kinds of germs in its nooks and crevices, which can make cleaning the nursery a daunting task for worried new parents. Parents shouldn’t work themselves into a tizzy over sanitizing anything and everything near their little ones. Actually, experts say that some exposure to bacteria and viruses will help build up your child’s immune system. But this is no reason to let the filth pile high. Besides promoting good hygiene and preventing infections, keeping the nursery clean makes for a more comfortable environment to play and bond with your baby. The hot spots So where to begin? If you have a changing table, wipe it down every day or more often if it is dirty with antibacterial cleaning products to prevent infection. Disinfectant wipes are really handy for […]

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08 Nov 13

How to prevent your baby from choking

It’s one of new parents‘ worst fears and a very real hazard for babies – choking. As babies learn to chew and swallow food, it is common for them to explore their environment and put new foods or objects into their mouth. But young children have small airways, so it is not always easy for them to cough up or splutter out food or objects that become lodged in the throat. Parents, don’t despair! There are certain things you can do to prevent your baby from choking, including knowing which food and toys are age-appropriate and what to do in the event that your child is choking. High-risk foods Motor skills are a very important part of swallowing correctly, but most babies do not develop sufficient motor skills to swallow until they are at least 4 months old. Do not introduce solid food to babies until they are able to swallow. Steer […]

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