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Mother and Baby

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October, 2013

31 Oct 13

Coping with sleep deprivation as a new parent

As a first-time parent, your life has changed significantly. You are now charged with the care of a precious little infant who, among other things, doesn’t yet have a sleep schedule in sync with yours. Sleep deprivation as a new parent can be tough – it’s fairly common to average only four consecutive hours of sleep a night. But this can have a knock-on effect on your performance and ability to focus during the day. It’s important that first-time parents know the best ways to cope with this inevitable lack of sleep. If baby sleeps, you sleep A good rule that new parents should follow is: if your baby is sleeping, you should be sleeping. If you take advantage of the time that your infant is asleep, you will find that you get more hours of sleep overall. They may not be consecutive hours, but every little bit helps. Some parents have […]

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24 Oct 13

How to soothe your teething baby

Teething can be a very uncomfortable time not only for baby, but also for first-time parents. Parents want to do all they can to help their baby, but because little ones cannot communicate exactly where and how they are hurting, it can be difficult to know what to do. Teeth usually begin to emerge in infants around the six-month mark, although all babies are different. Some of the sure-fire signs of teething include red gums, flushed cheeks, and more frequent or excessive dribbling, and although some babies happily get on without any discomfort, others have a rough time of it. If your baby’s symptoms are severe, contact your physician. For mild to moderate discomfort, here are some tips on how to soothe your teething baby. Teething rings and face cloths It can be very painful if you are breastfeeding and your baby tries to teethe on you breast. Fill a […]

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07 Oct 13

Top and tail: Bathing your newborn

A new baby can be overwhelming for first-time parents. Between feeding, soothing and spending time with your newborn, there is a lot to do! But for the first month or so until a baby’s umbilical cord drops off, new parents don’t have to worry about giving baby a bath. However, just because your newborn isn’t ready for a sink or a bath tub doesn’t mean that he or she shouldn’t be washed. Instead, you can keep your baby squeaky clean using the “top and tail” method. Topping your baby Topping and tailing a baby means washing him or her from head to toe using cotton wool and warm water. Although there is nothing wrong with giving a newborn a proper bath, the top and tail method is an easier or less frightening alternative for some babies during their first few weeks of life. In order to top and tail your baby, […]

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03 Oct 13

Parenting no-nos: Comparing your child to others

A common mistake that first-time parents make is comparing their child to others, whether positively or negatively. Even seasoned parents do this! For some, it’s the worry that something is wrong because their child is learning to do new things later than other children. For others, it’s the excessive pride they feel for their child that turns into unhealthy competitiveness. Whatever the reason, comparing your child to others will cause you and possibly your child unnecessary stress. A child’s development isn’t a competition! Baby milestones When it comes to walking, talking, and sleeping, children hit milestones at different times. For example, the general trend for babies is that they take their first steps sometime between nine and 12 months. But it’s not a problem if your child takes a bit longer. It’s perfectly normal for many children not to walk until they are 17 or 18 months old. As for talking, it’s a […]

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