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Recipes with summer

08 Aug 13

Feeling hot hot hot

As we get a slight reprieve in the soaring temperatures this week, I thought I’d share my views on how to stay cool in the blistering heat. I’m finding that, at 36 weeks into my pregnancy, it’s getting harder and harder to cope with the heat. Like many mums-to-be I’m sure the question everyone keeps asking is “how are you coping in the heat?” My answer is always, “I’m not really!” It’s fairly common in your third trimester to feel warmer than usual with your body temperature rising due to your baby’s increase in body temperature, but with the added heat it can become increasingly more difficult to have any direct contact with the sun.   I’ve just started my maternity leave, which means no more commuting to London for me – hurrah! It’s been a struggle with a 20-25 minute walk to the office, but thankfully that is no […]

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