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08Aug 13

Feeling hot hot hot

As we get a slight reprieve in the soaring temperatures this week, I thought I’d share my views on how to stay cool in the blistering heat. I’m finding that, at 36 weeks into my pregnancy, it’s getting harder and harder to cope with the heat. Like many mums-to-be I’m sure the question everyone keeps asking is “how are you coping in the heat?” My answer is always, “I’m not really!”

It’s fairly common in your third trimester to feel warmer than usual with your body temperature rising due to your baby’s increase in body temperature, but with the added heat it can become increasingly more difficult to have any direct contact with the sun.



I’ve just started my maternity leave, which means no more commuting to London for me – hurrah! It’s been a struggle with a 20-25 minute walk to the office, but thankfully that is no more. I can really sympathise with all you fellow expectant mums who are still commuting and especially those of you who have to get on the tube in London. Luckily I never had to get the tube during my later stages of pregnancy, but I know it would have been a huge struggle – walking in the heat is bad enough! Having commuted and worked through the last few weeks in the sun, I have picked up a couple of things which I would like to pass on as they really were life savers.

1. Invest in comfortable footwear. For me, this was open footwear that allowed my feet to breathe, which I found in a pair of Havaianas. If I have to walk too far in any kind of closed in shoes, my feet just burn up and feel like they are going to double in size. So to help keep cool while on the move, it’s worth investing in something comfortable.

2. Sun cream and cover up. If, like me, you are a real sun worshipper then staying out of the sun is hard to do, especially when we have waited so long for the nice weather to arrive. Make sure you have a high factor sun cream on and keep your bump covered. I’ve found that my skin is much more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy, and have ended up with red blotches on my arms after spending my lunch hour in the sun.

3. Carry certain useful items. A couple of small items you can carry with you to help stay cool are a fan (hand-assisted or electric) and also a face mist. I picked up a paper fan at the tube station and it is perfect for cooling me down, as well as lightweight in my handbag. There are plenty of face mists available, but the one I’ve been using is Simple Kind to Skin Moisture Boost Hydro Mist – I love it. I feel instantly cool and combined with my fan it’s really effective.

4. Get paddling! The one last thing I’ll share with you is that I’ve treated myself, and my inner child, to a paddling pool! I know it seems completely childish but at least that way I can enjoy the sunshine in the garden whilst keeping my body temperature down. I’m still covering up and it really helps. I got mine from Homebase for about £5, but there are plenty of places where you can pick one up for a similarly small cost.

fan and spritz


I’ve been lucky enough not to experience swelling but can imagine that, with the heat, it is intensified and I gather it can be quite uncomfortable. The biggest piece of advice I can think of is to carry a cold bottle of water with you everywhere. The cure for swelling is to drink more water, not less. Plus any water you consume will help prevent dehydration.

So that’s about it. It really isn’t easy in such high temperatures but there are ways you can help yourself stay cool. Keep your water levels nice and high and keep telling yourself, it will all be worth it in the end.

Have you got any other tips for keeping your cool?


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