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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with victoria beckham

08 Oct 13

Bluebell Madonna Halliwell

Geri Halliwell was once the idol of little girls everywhere, as the feisty red-headed Ginger Spice in the musical group the Spice Girls throughout the 1990s. But these days, one little girl in particular looks up to Geri – her 7-year-old daughter Bluebell Madonna Halliwell. Born May 14, 2006, Bluebell and single mum Geri are thick as thieves. “I hate it when I don’t see Bluebell. It’s like I’m addicted to her,” Geri has told Red magazine. So wherever this celebrity mum goes – to Australia to appear as a judge on “Australia’s Got Talent”, to the French Riviera for a summer getaway, or simply out shopping near her London home – Bluebell is not far behind. Mother-daughter duo Singer-songwriter Geri has commented that being a single working mum to Bluebell is “a real juggle”: “For me, it’s that balancing act between giving my child the time she needs, but […]

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18 Jul 13

Harper Seven Beckham

Just turned two years old this month, Harper Seven Beckham is already a huge star. She is the fourth child of football star David Beckham and Victoria, a.k.a. Posh Spice. She’ll probably be quite the sports fan as an adult and already attends quite a few matches! As to be expected, she watched in delight as her father played for Los Angeles Galaxy. With her mother’s help, she would even stand up and cheer! She’s also an avid supporter at her brother’s games as they play for local leagues or for their schools. At the end of May, when father and daughter attended a hockey game together, the KissCam caught an adorable moment when David gave his daughter a cute little kiss. She is definitely Daddy’s Little Girl! The celebrity toddler is learning the tips of the trade in the fashion world from her oh-so trendy mother. Harper always sports […]

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