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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with Rachel Zoe

04 Aug 13

Stylish Skyler Berman

Adorable and stylish Skyler Berman was born on March 22, 2011 to Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman. The happy family loves day excursions in L.A., their home, whether it is to the park, gelato stands or shopping. In California there is always plenty to do! The smiley celebrity toddler is always doted on by his loving mother. They share kisses over ice cream and hold hands often. The affectionate child loves his mum right back. One day, a photographer caught him picking a flower and giving it to his mother as a gift. So sweet! Skyler’s style If you look through photos of Skyler, you may notice his penchant for hats! He takes after his mother in this aspect, as she often dons floppy sun hats and even fedoras. When they wear matching head gear, they are too cute together! Having a renowned fashion designer for a mum, Skyler has a […]

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