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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with Nick Cannon

01 Dec 13

Monroe and Moroccan Cannon

Monroe and Moroccan Cannon are perhaps the most famous twins on the Internet! The two-year olds’ parents, legendary singer Mariah Carey and the multi-talented actor and rapper Nick Cannon, maintain a vast collection of family photos on their DemBabies website, and have even coined a Twitter hashtag, #dembabies, dedicated to their children. The site serves as a window into the daily life of the adorable brother-sister duo. From their jet-setting holidays and Easter and Halloween celebrations to lounging around in bed, mummy and daddy never pass up a moment to document their familial bliss. Family fun These fraternal twins, who go by the playful nicknames Roc and Roe, were born on April 30, 2011 on the couple’s third wedding anniversary. That means double the reason to celebrate! This year, the celebrity family shut down Disneyland in California for a fairytale ceremony at the iconic Magic Kingdom Castle. Mum arrived in a […]

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