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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with Max Handelman

13 Aug 13

Felix Handelman

The story of baby Felix Handelman is truly inspirational. Like Skyler Berman, Felix’s parents, actress Elizabeth Banks and sports writer, producer Max Handelman have had a successful 20+ year relationship. Married in 2003, they began a journey to bear a child. While Elizabeth’s professional life soared, acting in the film “W” and the television series “30 Rock,” she struggled to get pregnant at home. They tried all sorts of treatments and therapies, but none seemed to work. Refusing to give up, their patience and persistence led them to the process of gestational surrogacy that finally assured the birth of their first baby boy Felix. Surrogate Birth Born in Los Angeles in March 2011 Felix was introduced to us via Elizabeth Bank’s blog. She told us that Felix means “happy” and “lucky” in Latin. And true to his name, Felix is a very happy baby and a blessing in his mum’s […]

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