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09 Nov 13

Matteo and Valentino Martin

Matteo and Valentino Martin, Ricky Martin’s adorable 5-year-old twin sons, are easy to distinguish – if you know what to look for. The different styles of these fashionable brothers set them apart – Matteo is taller and wears colourful thick-framed glasses, usually in red or blue, while Valentino sports a sleek blond hairdo. Born of a surrogate mother in 2008, the boys are actually fraternal twins, and the differences between them grow more noticeable by the day. They are often spotted hand-in-hand with their suave father, mirroring Ricky’s well-groomed appearance with their skinny jeans, band T-shirts, chic jumpers and spotless trainers. ‘My little angels’ For Ricky, who got his start as a member of the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo but shot to fame with his 1990s hit song Living La Vida Loca, life has settled down with the arrival of Matteo and Valentino. The main focus now for the […]

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