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Mother and Baby

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27 Sep 13

Milan Piqué Mebarak

Milan Piqué Mebarak, the son of Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira and FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué, lives with his famous family in Barcelona, and the little man appears to fit right in. In a city that thrives on music and football, Milan has got the right credentials, thanks to his talented parents. Born on January 22, 2013, the 7-month-old is all smiles, whether he is accompanying his mother into the studio, or watching his World Cup-winning father trounce the other team on the Camp Nou football stadium. Like father, like son Milan has his mother’s big, brown eyes, but it remains to be seen if he has Shakira’s flair for languages – he is too young to start speaking! Colombian-born mum Shakira, who has described herself as a “mut” with her Lebanese, Italian and Spanish heritage, speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Catalan and Arabic. This potpourri of influences can be […]

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13 Sep 13

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban say they would leave behind movie sets and music any day of the week to spend time with their sweet 5-year-old Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. The eldest child of the Australian power couple is as affectionate as her parents, quick to give a hug or a kiss to her doting celebrity parents. Born on July 7, 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee, Sunday Rose was a fairly late addition for her mummy and daddy, who were in their forties at the time and had already established long, successful careers in the film and music industries. Mum Nicole is an Academy Award- and BAFTA-winning actress, and dad Keith has won four Grammy awards as well as a host of other country music awards to date. All in the family The artistic talents of her parents are sure to rub off on Sunday Rose. This little blue-eyed beauty appears […]

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04 Sep 13

Kingston Rossdale

It’s not hard to tell that Kingston Rossdale, the son of American singer Gwen Stefani and English musician and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, comes from a rock star family. Sporting a green, purple or blue mohican hairdo one day and a platinum blonde floppy one the next, this 7 year old knows how to dress the part. Born on May 26, 2006 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Kingston’s wardrobe is the epitome of punk rock style, with red star sunglasses, Billy Joel t-shirts, sleeveless furs, black leather jackets, cut-off jeans and chequered sneakers on regular rotation. Fashionable Family Roots Kingston’s edgy take on children’s clothing undoubtedly comes from his ska punk mummy and post-grunge daddy. Mum Gwen Stefani has a love of do-it-yourself fashion, having been raised in a family with a long line of seamstresses. She made her singing debut as a teenager in a talent show wearing a self-made tweed dress! Papa […]

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26 Aug 13

Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is no longer taking the fashion world by storm alone. Vivacious five-year-old Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur has joined her gorgeous mother in the business of looking good. Anja has been modelling side-by-side with her Brazilian model mum, appearing in London Fog’s Fall 2012 campaign as the faces of the brand’s line of outerwear and handbags. Away from the set, Anja is still on top of her game, sporting new summer looks nearly every time she appears with her model mum. She’s adorable in just about everything, from pink sandals and white crochet dresses to polka dots and pink ribbons. A Fashionista in the Making Born August 24, 2008, Anja was bound to reflect the attractive allure that made her leggy mum so successful. The two are regularly seen together around town, pampering themselves with pedicures (matching colours, of course), shopping, and going to yoga class. This dynamic […]

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19 Aug 13

Mason Dash Disick

Riding the wave of TV celebrity culture, Mason Disick was born on 14 December 2009 into a family of fame. He is the firstborn of celebs Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. Both his mother’s reputation for glamour and his gallant father’s business sense are a perfect combo, and Mason is in good hands. One fashionable toddler Mason’s mum, Kourtney, loves trendy clothes. Kourtney always loved baby fashion and ran a cute boutique in California called Smooch, until she closed it to spend more time with Mason. She and her sisters also worked with several clothing lines and brands, including Bebe and K-Dash. With such stylish mum and aunties, how could Mason not be the talk of the town in his no-doubt fully furnished wardrobe? It comes to no surprise that Mason is deemed one of the best-dressed toddlers in Hollywood, along with stylish Skyler Berman. Not only does he dress […]

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13 Aug 13

Felix Handelman

The story of baby Felix Handelman is truly inspirational. Like Skyler Berman, Felix’s parents, actress Elizabeth Banks and sports writer, producer Max Handelman have had a successful 20+ year relationship. Married in 2003, they began a journey to bear a child. While Elizabeth’s professional life soared, acting in the film “W” and the television series “30 Rock,” she struggled to get pregnant at home. They tried all sorts of treatments and therapies, but none seemed to work. Refusing to give up, their patience and persistence led them to the process of gestational surrogacy that finally assured the birth of their first baby boy Felix. Surrogate Birth Born in Los Angeles in March 2011 Felix was introduced to us via Elizabeth Bank’s blog. She told us that Felix means “happy” and “lucky” in Latin. And true to his name, Felix is a very happy baby and a blessing in his mum’s […]

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08 Aug 13

Violet Anne Affleck

Violet Anne Affleck was born in Los Angeles on December 1, 2005 to the high-profile couple, actor Jennifer Garner and actor/director Ben Affleck. This celebrity baby was already on television before her birth; her mother was pregnant with Violet on the set of Alias and incorporated her into the successful drama series. Interests and activities imbue self-confidence Jennifer has been keen on instilling a strong sense of self-esteem in her two daughters and, as any mum would, she wants to see them succeed. As part of her plan to build confidence in her little ones, she encourages her girls to participate in activities that they enjoy. Both Violet and her sister Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck (age 4) have embraced dance, music and the arts. In fact, it seems Violet has taken up ballet lessons, mimicking her mother who had trained in ballet as a little girl. According to fellow Alias […]

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04 Aug 13

Stylish Skyler Berman

Adorable and stylish Skyler Berman was born on March 22, 2011 to Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman. The happy family loves day excursions in L.A., their home, whether it is to the park, gelato stands or shopping. In California there is always plenty to do! The smiley celebrity toddler is always doted on by his loving mother. They share kisses over ice cream and hold hands often. The affectionate child loves his mum right back. One day, a photographer caught him picking a flower and giving it to his mother as a gift. So sweet! Skyler’s style If you look through photos of Skyler, you may notice his penchant for hats! He takes after his mother in this aspect, as she often dons floppy sun hats and even fedoras. When they wear matching head gear, they are too cute together! Having a renowned fashion designer for a mum, Skyler has a […]

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25 Jul 13

Maxwell Drew Johnson

Congratulations to Jessica Simpson’ and Eric Johnson’ newest arrival, Ace Knute Johnson! How do you think Maxwell Drew Johnson, the couple’s first-born, will handle the shared attention? Maxwell was born 1st May 2012, and she has had her fair share of the spotlight. Her doting parents are often spotted taking her to lunch and spending quality family time with her. Jessica tweets adorable photos, one of my favourites being that of Eric and Maxwell cuddling during naptime. Absolutely precious! In April, her proud parents threw a 1st birthday bash for their “girly girl” and pulled out all the stops! They went with a faire theme and served typical food like grilled cheese sandwiches that most children love. Perhaps they are Maxwell’s favourites? Jessica revealed to the press that Maxwell is turning out to be a real girly girl and loves watching her mum putting on make-up and getting dressed. So […]

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18 Jul 13

Harper Seven Beckham

Just turned two years old this month, Harper Seven Beckham is already a huge star. She is the fourth child of football star David Beckham and Victoria, a.k.a. Posh Spice. She’ll probably be quite the sports fan as an adult and already attends quite a few matches! As to be expected, she watched in delight as her father played for Los Angeles Galaxy. With her mother’s help, she would even stand up and cheer! She’s also an avid supporter at her brother’s games as they play for local leagues or for their schools. At the end of May, when father and daughter attended a hockey game together, the KissCam caught an adorable moment when David gave his daughter a cute little kiss. She is definitely Daddy’s Little Girl! The celebrity toddler is learning the tips of the trade in the fashion world from her oh-so trendy mother. Harper always sports […]

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