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Mother and Baby

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06Dec 13

Winnie Rose Fallon

They say that to be a good parent requires a sense of humour. If that’s the case, American late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon will be a great parent!

Fallon and his wife, producer Nancy Juvonen Fallon, gave birth to their first child Winnie Rose Fallon via surrogate only a few months ago on 23 July 2013. Overjoyed at his daughter’s arrival, the funnyman joked about his first-time fatherhood on his show the day after Winnie was born: “It’s been a crazy couple of days — well, actually, just one day,” he quipped. “It was just yesterday. It feels like I’ve had a four-day conference.”

That same week, he introduced “happy and healthy” Winnie to the world by posting a GIF on his blog designed to make it appear that the days-old baby girl was waving hello.

Winnie Rose Fallon

Winnie Rose Fallon

A win-win name

It seems that this famous father put just as much thought into Winnie’s name as he does into the jokes for his show. While he and Nancy, who co-owns Flower Films with actress Drew Barrymore, were dating, the couple holidayed at Nancy’s parents’ lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire every summer, and became engaged there in 2007.

Searching for a unique name for their daughter, they immediately thought of the lake. But “you don’t want something so weird people are like, ‘What?’ Winnipesaukee’s a little long,” the 39-year-old said on American morning show TODAY.

So they shortened it to Winnie, but the name’s meaning didn’t stop there. For the couple, who struggled with infertility for five years before opting for a surrogate, their daughter was a “win”.

Like father, like daughter

Mum and dad aren’t little Winnie’s only fans. According to Jimmy, the family’s Golden Retriever, named Gary Frick, likes her so much that he sometimes licks the top of her head. Don’t worry, “Winnie’s cool with it,” he said during a YouTube question-and-answer session.

In fact, this celebrity baby is so relaxed that she hardly ever cries, and one of her favourite activities is a sponge bath. “She loves it when you put the water on her head, her little head, she has a tiny little round head. She looks up, like, ‘what’s going to happen?’, then she’s like, ‘that’s cool,’” Jimmy said.

Winnie Rose Fallon

Winnie Rose Fallon

Although she is only a few months old, Winnie is already showing signs that she has inherited her father’s comedic talent. In a photo uploaded to Jimmy’s Instagram account, Winnie, dressed in an adorable pink hoodie with bear ears, smiles warmly at the camera while sticking out her tongue. It appears she’s not one to pass up the chance to be funny, just like dad!

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