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Mother and Baby

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09Nov 13

Matteo and Valentino Martin

Matteo and Valentino Martin, Ricky Martin’s adorable 5-year-old twin sons, are easy to distinguish – if you know what to look for. The different styles of these fashionable brothers set them apart – Matteo is taller and wears colourful thick-framed glasses, usually in red or blue, while Valentino sports a sleek blond hairdo.

Born of a surrogate mother in 2008, the boys are actually fraternal twins, and the differences between them grow more noticeable by the day. They are often spotted hand-in-hand with their suave father, mirroring Ricky’s well-groomed appearance with their skinny jeans, band T-shirts, chic jumpers and spotless trainers.

Ricky Martin with his sons Valentino and Matteo

Ricky Martin with his sons Valentino and Matteo

‘My little angels’

For Ricky, who got his start as a member of the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo but shot to fame with his 1990s hit song Living La Vida Loca, life has settled down with the arrival of Matteo and Valentino. The main focus now for the 41-year-old singer, dancer and author, who came out of the closet in 2010, is spending as much time as he can with his boys and his devoted partner of four years, stockbroker Carlos Gonzalez Abella.

He described in his best-selling autobiography Me how his sons have changed him: “Matteo and Valentino are my little angels, my sons, and because of them I know I’m capable of doing anything.”

That’s right – no discos, bars or nightlife for this celebrity dad. Instead, Ricky is a hands-on parent with a booked timetable. He told the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair last year: “Now I wake up at seven, I wake them up, we have breakfast together, we brush our teeth, and I go to work, and when I come back home I give them a bath. Before, I would go out with my work friends to the movies or to a bar, although I don’t drink. I’ve learned what’s important: to keep the child inside alive and play hide-and-seek. There are also difficult times and it can be overwhelming.”

Ricky Martin with his sons Valentino and Matteo

Ricky Martin with his sons Valentino and Matteo

Trilingual and worldly

Busy Ricky rarely leaves his sons behind on his various engagements around the world. The boys recently accompanied him to Australia during his stint as a judge on The Voice Australia. Already seasoned travellers, Matteo and Valentino also came along with dad on a trip to Ricky’s hometown in Puerto Rico not long ago.

But home for the Martin trio is New York, where Ricky has appeared on Broadway. The twins, who already speak English and Spanish thanks to their papa, attend a French school and are well on their way to being trilingual.

With three languages under their belts and an active and sophisticated father to look up to, these boys are sure to take the world by storm one day!

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