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Mother and Baby

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01Nov 13

Johan Samuel

Johan Samuel, the 6-year-old son of style guru and German supermodel Heidi Klum and soulful English musician Seal, is one international kid. The second child of Heidi and Seal, who are now divorced, Samuel is growing up under the California sun, far from his celebrity parents’ countries of origin.

Johan Samuel and mum Heidi Klum

Johan Samuel and mum Heidi Klum

Budding football star

Born November 22, 2006, Johan sports his father’s deep eyes and his mother’s pouty lips, with a mop of bobbing brown curls on top of his head. It might be too early to tell if Johan has inherited Seal’s smooth singing voice, but he certainly has taken after Heidi’s fashion sense. Earlier this year, mum included t-shirts featuring a monster hand-drawn by Johan in her Truly Scrumptious children’s line.

In fact, monsters are Johan’s favourite creatures, but no need for alarm! His monsters are silly, as mum recently explained to Parents magazine: “Johan was in his monster phase — well, he still is. While the other kids are watching a movie, he’ll sit down at his desk for 45 minutes and paint monsters one after another. I like that you can make monsters look cute by giving them crooked teeth or two bunny teeth, one eye or five eyes, or a goofy-looking antenna. So he inspired me to create a line around monsters. Johan’s very proud he was a part of it.”

Johan seems to be more of a budding football star than fashion designer, however. He is often found bending the ball on the pitch with mum or dad cheering him on from the sidelines or simply out and about in his football kit.

Family time

But Johan isn’t only mad for football. All athletics are fair game for this sporty boy, who takes karate lessons and is known to enjoy a Lakers basketball game or two with his papa. Between jetting off to far-flung locations for holidays with his family and his love of athletics, Johan never seems to tire!

With so much energy, it helps to have three brothers and sisters – Leni, 9, Henry, 8, and Lou, 3 – to play with. This tight-knit brood is often spotted smiling and holding hands wherever they happen to be.

But just because Johan is high-energy doesn’t mean he is highly-strung. Quite the opposite, mum Heidi told Good Housekeeping magazine: “We have to remember that even Johan, who goes through life so easily, still needs just as much attention as everyone else.”

Hands-on mum and dad seem to be doing a fine job of that!

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