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Mother and Baby

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13Sep 13

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban say they would leave behind movie sets and music any day of the week to spend time with their sweet 5-year-old Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. The eldest child of the Australian power couple is as affectionate as her parents, quick to give a hug or a kiss to her doting celebrity parents.

Born on July 7, 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee, Sunday Rose was a fairly late addition for her mummy and daddy, who were in their forties at the time and had already established long, successful careers in the film and music industries. Mum Nicole is an Academy Award- and BAFTA-winning actress, and dad Keith has won four Grammy awards as well as a host of other country music awards to date.

Nicole Kidman and Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Nicole Kidman and Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

All in the family

The artistic talents of her parents are sure to rub off on Sunday Rose. This little blue-eyed beauty appears to have musical aspirations like her father, and she often plays guitar and dances with dad Keith. Proud mum Nicole even brags that Sunday Rose already “has got a really good pitch”.

When it comes to fashion, however, fair-haired Sunday Rose seems to take after her mother’s cool, classic feminine style instead of her father’s casual wardrobe of T-shirts and jeans. Sunday Rose’s closet is brimming with bows, flower prints, polka dots and shades of pastels for every occasion. For a flight out of Sydney, Australia, it’s a pressed pink collared dress. For a day at school, it’s a cool black and white striped shirt with smart black trousers.

Not everything about little Sunday Rose can be traced back to the influence of her Australian parents. Living in Tennessee with mum, dad and younger sister Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, chatterbox Sunday Rose’s drawl is unique. “”She says ‘Y’all’ and ‘G’day, mate’. She’s a mix,” Nicole has told HELLO!.

Keith Urban and Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Keith Urban and Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

The joys of parenthood

For Nicole, who has two more children, Isabel and Connor, with ex-husband Tom Cruise, all her past cinematic glories are nothing compared to being Sunday Rose’s mum.

Commenting about the joys of parenthood, she told Fox News: “I’m in a state of absolute wonder, having all this in my life, I never thought this was going to be me in my forties. A new baby. I just love the energy of young children in the house, it is just lovely. It puts me in a state of humility and compassion. I just want to have my husband, my baby and Bella and Connor. For me, they’re my favourite people in the world.”

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