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Mother and Baby

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19Aug 13

Mason Dash Disick

Riding the wave of TV celebrity culture, Mason Disick was born on 14 December 2009 into a family of fame. He is the firstborn of celebs Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick.

Both his mother’s reputation for glamour and his gallant father’s business sense are a perfect combo, and Mason is in good hands.

Mason Dash Disick

Mason Dash Disick

One fashionable toddler

Mason’s mum, Kourtney, loves trendy clothes. Kourtney always loved baby fashion and ran a cute boutique in California called Smooch, until she closed it to spend more time with Mason. She and her sisters also worked with several clothing lines and brands, including Bebe and K-Dash. With such stylish mum and aunties, how could Mason not be the talk of the town in his no-doubt fully furnished wardrobe?

It comes to no surprise that Mason is deemed one of the best-dressed toddlers in Hollywood, along with stylish Skyler Berman. Not only does he dress well, but he also has fantastic hair. Hello Magazine took a poll, asking mums to rate celebrity kids’ hair. Harper Beckham came in first, and Mason came in fourth with 13 per cent of the votes!

Family Life

Despite his young age, Mason has already made several appearances on his family’s reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Both on and off the show, we can see that Mason is not only pampered by his sassy mother, but also by his entire entrepreneurial family, especially his doting aunts, Khloe and Kim Kardashian.

His aunt Khloe Kardashian underlines the family’s sentiments towards Mason in a blog post for his first birthday: “From the moment Mason was born, we were all madly in love with him. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t talk, walk, or do pretty much anything LOL, his existence in itself enriched all of our lives in a way we never knew possible,” she shared.

It’s a lot of love, but soon it will be shared three ways! In July of last year, Kourtney and Scott welcomed their daughter Penelope Scotland into the world. And just this month, rumours started leaking out that she is expecting another Kardashian baby!

Make room, Mason! As one of six siblings, it’s no secret that Kourtney wants a big, bustling family. The handsome little star with his shiny honey-coloured hair, big googly eyes and winning dimples is sure to be an excellent big brother to the newest Disick clan.

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