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Mother and Baby

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08Aug 13

Violet Anne Affleck

Violet Anne Affleck was born in Los Angeles on December 1, 2005 to the high-profile couple, actor Jennifer Garner and actor/director Ben Affleck.

This celebrity baby was already on television before her birth; her mother was pregnant with Violet on the set of Alias and incorporated her into the successful drama series.

Violet Anne Affleck

Violet Anne Affleck

Interests and activities imbue self-confidence

Jennifer has been keen on instilling a strong sense of self-esteem in her two daughters and, as any mum would, she wants to see them succeed. As part of her plan to build confidence in her little ones, she encourages her girls to participate in activities that they enjoy. Both Violet and her sister Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck (age 4) have embraced dance, music and the arts. In fact, it seems Violet has taken up ballet lessons, mimicking her mother who had trained in ballet as a little girl.

According to fellow Alias co-star, Victor Garber, Violet is highly extroverted and will talk your ear off! She is imbued with the self-esteem and confidence that shines in her mother’s embrace. Often caught laughing, strolling and winking at each other, the two are a triumphant sight.

This golden girl has also been dubbed a “book worm”—often spotted quietly devouring books that marked our own childhood. I am nostalgically reminded of my childhood obsession with Nancy Drew detective novels, and I secretly hope Violet enjoys them as much as I did!

Family Matters

Violet inherited her mother’s irresistible dimples, winning smile and what Jennifer dubs as the Garner Girl aesthetic. However, when mum and daughter go out, they almost always sport casual clothing. Their comfortable look probably comes from Jennifer’s humble upbringing in a house with strict rules. As a girl, she wasn’t allowed to pierce her ears or wear make-up. Will she enforce the same rules on her own daughters?

The Affleck family is sentimental about tradition and regard family as extremely important. In fact, the name Violet honours her mother’s grandmother. Her middle name, Anne, is also Jennifer’s middle name.

All-American debonair father Ben Affleck claims that after Violet’s birth, one of his main goals was to make his daughter proud. Jennifer wholeheartedly agrees with her husband and insists that it is important to set good examples for the children in every aspect of their life. So far, I think Ben and Jennifer are being fantastic parents. Violet has a lot to be proud of, which will make her dad very happy!

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