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Mother and Baby

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September, 2011

Week 31 – fabulous friends and birthday fun

BabyCentre facts Baby’s weight – about as much as four navel oranges, nearly 1.5kg Length – 41.1cm, head to heel   This week I celebrated my birthday – my last one before motherhood. It’s bizarre to think that from this point on I will receive birthday cards from ‘my son’ (provided Chris gets his act […]

Week 29 – the seven month scan

BabyCentre facts Baby’s weight – almost the size of a butternut squash and weighing just under 1.2kg Length – 38.6cm, head to heel   Doctors and nurses aside, does anyone ever really feel at ease in a hospital? I don’t. For starters, there’s the negative connotations we all associate with them – surely having a baby […]