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Mother and Baby

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03 Aug 11

It’s a boy!

On June 6, Chris and I found out we were expecting a baby boy. It seems to be common practice in the UK to choose not to find out the sex of your unborn child – the majority of my UK friends wanted it to be a surprise and decided to wait until D-day. That is not the case in Madrid. Generally speaking, all mums-to-be are told the sex of their baby at the four-month scan – one friend specifically requested that she not be told, only for the doctor to then repeatedly refer to her child as a ‘chica’. Cultural differences aside, we wanted to find out whether we were having a little boy or a little girl as soon as we could. From my point of view, it was all about bonding. Having decided to have our first baby on our own in a different country – an […]

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15 Jul 11

In the beginning

I have always known that I wanted to be a mother. I suppose more than most I am aware of the importance of family, and it’s been a dream of mine to have one of my own. Last July I married my (very) long-term boyfriend Chris, and seven months later we found out we were expecting a baby. I am now five and a half months along with an ever-growing bump to show for it. And I have never been happier. That said, the first three months were awful. Really awful. Morning sickness, check. Daily migraines, check. And the tiredness – no one really talks about the total exhaustion you feel at the start. By the end of work at six, I could barely keep my eyes open; I had my PJs on by seven and would be nodding off on the sofa by eight (and that was on a […]

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15 Jul 11

Baby on board

In four months time I am going to become a mum for the first time. It has already been the most incredible journey – from months of sickness to the joy of my baby’s first kick. Publically documenting my pregnancy has been a difficult decision, but ultimately I want to record my experiences for both myself and also for my little boy. One thing is for sure, it has been, and will continue to be, the most amazing adventure…

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