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08Nov 11

Week 34 – Christmas comes early

Babycentre facts
Baby’s weight – about the size of an average cantaloupe melon, around 2.1kg
Length – 45cm, head to heel

This week our doorbell hasn’t stopped ringing with deliveries for baby Strong.

It’s surprising just how much kit such a tiny person needs. From a cot, changing table and bath to bedding, a buggy and blankets, our hallway has been overrun by what seems an insurmountable number of boxes.

It’s better than Christmas.

And just like an excited child, my initial instinct was to rip into each box and pull out everything inside.

Chris had other ideas. Not known for his self-restraint, he decided this was the time to begin paternal preparations and assert some authority over the situation.  

The first items we were allowed to unpack were the parts for the cot – and that had to be fully constructed before we could move onto box number two.

That first afternoon I assisted as Chris built our son’s bed and toy box (I was allowed to hold the instruction booklet, which, as a man, he of course didn’t need).

And as a reward for a job well done, we spent the evening going through the ‘fun’ boxes containing the baby’s bedding and other interior bits and pieces.

We haven’t hung about, and, while we are still waiting for a replacement for a broken piece of our dresser/changer, the baby’s nursery is now almost complete.

The new curtains are hung, his bathroom is kitted out and the Bugaboo has been assembled and pushed around the apartment more times than I can remember (my guilty pleasure).

I have also made a start washing some of the baby’s clothes which have been ironed and put aside for the hospital bag. Laundry has never been so much fun; you really can’t underestimate the joy of nesting!

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