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17Oct 11

Week 33 – the eight month scan

Babycentre facts
Baby’s weight – almost the size of a pineapple, about 1.9kg
Length – 43.7cm, head to heel


Every woman’s pregnancy revolves around just one day.

Your due date dictates everything, from scans and appointments to nursery planning and nappy shopping.

So it can be quite a shock when ‘B-day’ threatens to change.

At our recent eight month scan, Chris and I were told from our very confident doctor that we should expect our little boy to make an early appearance.

I had always been told that the majority of first babies arrive around two weeks late. And given Chris’ laidback approach to life, I expected his son to be no different.

But it would seem our little boy has other ideas. (My dad regarded lateness as a character flaw; perhaps baby Strong has more Hollingsworth genes than I thought).

While my 40 week date is November 15, we have been told to expect the baby to arrive anywhere between the 7th and the 10th.

We are at a bit of a loss as to why that is. Our doctor, while supremely confident in his prediction, is unable to explain the thought process behind it – when asked for clarification, he smiles and simply says: “He just will.”

It’s not as though our son is particularly big and therefore more likely to arrive early – if anything he is slightly smaller than his little peers.

Nevertheless it looks as though he will be making his entrance a full week ahead of schedule.

If I am honest, the news came as a bit of a shock.

To suddenly lose seven days so late on in any pregnancy is a big deal.

Everything has been arranged around a particular date, and suddenly last minute preparations have to be done in an even shorter period of time.

But they do say you have to be adaptable when it comes to children. So Chris and I have done the only thing we can do – taken a deep breath and sped everything up.

Yes, the nursery is still a state. And yes, we still really need to go on a shop for nappies, newborn clothes and hospital bag essentials.

But Chris and I are last minute kind of people – and I like to think we thrive under pressure!

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