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06Oct 11

Week 32 – back to (baby) school

BabyCentre facts
Baby’s weight – about as much as a coconut, nearly 1.7kg
Length – 42.4cm, head to heel


Pre-pregnancy, I used to look at expectant women and wonder quite literally how they slept at night.

The idea of having a baby terrified me – to the extent that if I thought about it too much I would start to feel incredibly anxious. And, as I say, I wasn’t even pregnant.

Now here I am, with eight weeks to go until B(aby)-day, and on the whole I feel surprisingly calm.

You see, pre-pregnancy you only focus on the physical, and not how you will feel emotionally towards the little person you have been carrying around for nine months.

Yes, there are the 8-12 traumatic hours to get through – but at the other side, our baby boy will be here, and life will never be the same again.

My more zen-like approach to the birth – which my Spanish doctor has told me will be easy anyway – phew!) – has been assisted by my weekly preparation classes at the maternity clinic.

It’s definitely worth the expense. As it turns out, I was completely clueless when it comes to babies, let alone giving birth.

I have never seen a friend experience pregnancy, nor have I spent a great deal of time with newborns… I have held 2 babies in my lifetime, while Chris has held just the one for all of two minutes. And he spent those two minutes sat rigidly on a sofa.

So, this really will be a baptism of fire.

But I have been taking all the notes I can and asking every question that pops into my head, no matter how stupid it might seem. After all, I am not asking anything that hasn’t been asked before, as Josefina keeps telling me.

So, here I am in my final trimester, and by rights I should be absolutely terrified.

But this really is the happiest and most contented I have been in my whole life. Yes, there are still the odd sleepless nights, but it doesn’t take me long to forget my worries and fall asleep again. Because our baby is absolutely worth it.

One comment

  1. It’s funny how your body keeps you calm for the big event isn’t it?!
    I was exactely the same and I have never thought (pre-baby) that I would be that clam even on the day!
    All went well, and thank god the drugs worked fine (for me this was a must!).
    Enjoy and wait calmy for the begining of the rest of your life, with NO time for yourself ever again!!! ;o)
    Just joking, not!


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