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27Sep 11

Week 31 – fabulous friends and birthday fun

BabyCentre facts
Baby’s weight – about as much as four navel oranges, nearly 1.5kg
Length – 41.1cm, head to heel


This week I celebrated my birthday – my last one before motherhood. It’s bizarre to think that from this point on I will receive birthday cards from ‘my son’ (provided Chris gets his act together!).

My 28th has not come at an ideal time given Chris’ work schedule. He is never home. And even on the weekends he is either in the office or spends all day at the dining table plugged into his laptop.

And it was really starting to take its toll.

Come Monday morning I felt pretty down and really lonely. Never seeing Chris, general baby anxieties and missing my family had gotten to me – that, and the fact that I had had about three hours sleep.

I made it into work around lunchtime. And I am so glad that I went in.

Knowing I had been having a tough time, my wonderful colleagues had arranged a mini baby shower for me (my first!).

Andrea had organised the most amazing cake – strawberry sponge, white chocolate, and baby bottles made from icing – and I relaxed and really celebrated with my friends with (a sip of) champagne.

It was such an incredibly thoughtful gesture and I was so touched by their kindness.

And from that point on, the week took a turn for the better.

Knowing he had to spend the day working, Chris pulled out all the stops for my birthday on Thursday.

He got up super early to make me breakfast – croissants, yogurt with fruit, and orange juice he had squeezed himself – before cards and presents.

Then, after a leisurely morning, I met him for lunch before heading out for an afternoon of shopping under the strict instructions to buy something for myself. (I failed, instead coming home with two towels for the baby).

He then hurried home to make me a special birthday dinner.

That was Thursday. Saturday I headed to a small town just outside Segovia to attend the wonderful wedding of Kath (one of the aforementioned work friends).

It was a beautiful day for two very special people, and despite attending on my own and being 31 weeks pregnant, I celebrated with the best of them, eventually exiting the dance floor at around 3.15am.

The following morning (and hang-over free!), I caught the train back to Madrid in time for lunch with my yummy mummy friend Jeanette and her beautiful baby Amaia.

We spent a brilliant afternoon together, discussing all things baby-related and taking a whistle-stop tour of all her favourite baby shops while still finding time to buy cakes and coo over her beautiful six-month-old.

All in all then, I would say this has been an eye-opening week.

Yes, I miss my family, and yes I miss my UK friends, but I am incredibly blessed by the people who surround me in Madrid.

And so, from my amazing husband and my thoughtful friends at HELLO!, to my fellow dancing queens at the wedding and my pregnancy guru Jeanette – thank you. I don’t know what I would do without you all!

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  1. So happy you are so happy Mummy-to-be. This dancing partner isn’t thrilled you chose this pic but I guess it captures the mood! See you soon, lots of besos for you and the bump x


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