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Mother and Baby

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20Sep 11

Week 30 – my big baby bump

BabyCentre facts
Baby’s weight – about as big as good-sized cabbage this week, weighing in at 1.3kg
Length – 39.9cm, head to heel


I woke up on Monday morning suddenly looking very pregnant.

Just two weeks ago in the UK, a lady approached me and asked if I would like to attend a wine tasting event, failing to notice that I was seven months pregnant (a no-brainer if I wasn’t expecting!).

She wouldn’t make that mistake now.

Probably for the first time I feel like I have got a proper baby bump; I can’t see my feet anymore, which, by the way, have started to swell up at the end of the day.

And I no longer need to push my tummy out to bag a place on the metro – people see me coming a mile off and immediately give up their seats.

I must admit, I do love my big bump. It is helping me mentally prepare for the fact that I will soon be a mum.

I always imagined that when I found out I was having a baby everything would turn upside down. It hasn’t. Strange as it sounds, thanks to my problem-free pregnancy it’s easy to forget that our son will be here in just two months.

The down-side to my bump is the effect it seems to have on old ladies.

I have absolutely no problem with people I know feeling my tummy, but the novelty of strangers doing the same thing quickly wore off. One elderly woman recently grabbed my stomach with both hands and told me that the doctor was wrong, I am expecting a girl – she could feel it.

Still, baby boy seems cosy enough.

Finally I think we are out of the sharp kicking stage, instead his movements feel more like waves as he rolls around. He is growing at an amazing rate and is running out of room in there – Chris and I can now see each movement he makes, which is actually less freaky than it sounds.

So, it was as a proper pregnant lady that I (incredibly bravely) went along for those dreaded blood tests. Chris came along with me for the first one before he had to go to work (I think he wanted to make sure I didn’t run off).

I did them, and yes, they hurt. I asked to lie down in each one, and by number four I was visibly wincing. But I survived, and I even have the massive bruise to prove it.

One comment

  1. You Brave girl!!
    You look beautiful and it looks like your little boy is doing very well.
    Enjoiy the last few months, and be prepare, the last month is tough! You are big, you heavy and the baby needs space!!
    All to be forgotten in asecond when you’ll see his wonderful little face.


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