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19Aug 11

Week 27 – and in the home stretch

BabyCentre facts
Baby’s weight – around 875g; about as heavy as a head of cauliflower
Length – 36.6cms, head to heel


Two trimesters down, one to go.

In less than three months baby Strong is due to make his appearance – alternatively I could say 12 weeks on Monday, but that sounds terrifyingly imminent.

And things really do feel like they are happening now.

For a start, our little man is on a major growth spurt – my sides and stomach are being seriously stretched and his kicks have transitioned from little flutters to more forceful movements.

All this activity has got me worrying about my stamina when it comes to D-day (I am an exercise-phobe and a weakling), so in the last two weeks I have taken up swimming in a big way.

To be honest, it hasn’t been difficult to find motivation – if I thought Madrid was hot in August anyway, walking/waddling around in 38 degrees is something else when you are pregnant.

So after work every day I am battling my way through splashing children and paddling old ladies in a quest to rack up some lengths in our outdoor pool.

I have also borrowed a pregnancy yoga DVD from a very fit friend and on cooler days am attempting to contort myself and my bump into a series of helpful positions – let’s just say, it’s a work in progress.

I suppose the big news this week is that we are flying to the UK for our final visit before the birth. After this I will be grounded.

I can’t wait to go back; it will be my last chance to see my family and friends before November and Chris and I will also – finally – begin nesting stage 1.

We have decided to buy our baby furniture in the UK this weekend – it’s cheaper and there is a lot more choice. So in a matter of weeks, our spare room will be transformed into a proper nursery (at the moment the only tell-tale sign of its future function is a small collection of clothes in the wardrobe). I have never been more excited about bedding and plastic baths.

The majority of our 11 day stay in England, Chris will be at the Reading Festival, so I will be hitting the roads in our hire car and thoroughly immersing myself in all things baby. That includes a pampering day at a spa with best friend Lisa – a necessary ritual for all pregnant women – and a series of shopping sprees in Mamas and Papas, Baby Next and however many other shops my swollen feet will carry me to.

Let the nesting commence!

One comment

  1. This is such a good period, enjoy it and shop ’til you drop dead!!!
    But remember only 60% of the new born stuff will be worn, and for about two days each… if you’re lucky.
    Hope you find all the furniture for the room you need.
    Have fun!


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