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17Aug 11

Week 25 – the six month scan

BabyCentre facts
Baby’s weight – around 660g; about the same as the average swede
Length – 34.6cms, head to heel


Seemingly overnight I have succumbed to ‘the pregnancy brain’.

I was absolutely 100 per cent sure that my six-month scan was on August 4th; I told everyone, lined up Skype dates to show off the new pics and took some time off work.

I had also decided to arrive at the hospital early and undergo two blood tests for diabetes, thinking that the scan afterwards would be a lovely reward after a horrible hour at the blood clinic.

Well I was right about one thing – it was a horrible hour. I am terrible with needles, and having to wait around for 60 minutes after taking a drink so sugary my teeth hurt, seemed like a cruel torture.

But I bravely did the tests without running from the building – I had to keep telling myself, if I can’t have a tiny amount of blood work done, then I am REALLY going to struggle down the line – and headed off for my appointment.

Which, as it turned out, was the day before. What’s more, I had an appointment card with the correct date in my purse, and had also written it down in my diary. This does not bode well for my future as a multi-tasking mother.

Perhaps used to this level of forgetfulness in mums-to-be, the nurse gave me an appointment the following morning, on the 5th. So back we went to the hospital.

It was of course 100 per cent worth the return journey.

The six-month scan showed our healthy little boy kicking around quite happily at a good weight and size. He is already taking after Chris in one respect – he seems to have the large Strong head. But unlike his father, our baby came over all camera shy and would not be cooperative and turn around when it came to having his picture taken. As Chris put it, he looks a bit like a little old man with a funny eye in our scan video.

After our appointment, I asked if Chris and I could take a look around the maternity ward to get an idea of where we would be coming and what to expect.

And I am so glad I did. We knew it would be nice, after all Crown Princess Letizia had her daughters there, but we were really impressed. From my arrival, I will be given a big private room with an ensuite which will either have patio doors out into the garden, or a balcony. No dilation room for us. The room will be ours both before and after the baby arrives and we will be able to bring home comforts in with us, from music to a bottle of champagne.

We met a lovely midwife called Gema – since we share the same name, she said she thinks it is fate we will be teamed together come November – who also gave us a look inside the delivery room. Obviously empty at the time.

So from imagining a noisy, busy sterile maternity ward, I now know I will be having my baby in a flower-filled, friendly environment which has made me feel relaxed and happy about what is inevitably going to be a terrifying experience. The room is bigger than our bedroom – I certainly won’t mind staying!

Anyway, my next visit to the hospital will be the seven-month scan on September 2nd. Don’t worry, I have just double-checked.


  1. Oh Gemma the baby brain has most definately kicked in for you, and you come to realise that unfortunately your brain will never be the same again… Ive found my baby brain is still here, many a time I forget the simplist of things, but that might just be an age thing and Im using ” baby brain” as an excuse !!!

    And as for flower-filled rooms, you will neither care if its flower-filled or friendly come to think of it, all you will care about is where the gas and air is, and if they have anything stonger !!!

    Can’t wait for next next blog, take care and love to all
    JO x

  2. The Spanish maternity ward sounds amazing compared to the UK NHS ones – put the chanpagne on ice and prepare to recover in style I say!

  3. yes the baby brain definately takes over- you will never again be the smart girl about town ha ha – you will arrive at appointments (work) with bottles- little cars- nappies all crammed into your handbag -very executive- and constantly wonder what the hell you are going to make for tea- when you finish work! JOY !!!!! but would not swap that life for anything x x x x x x x xx


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