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Mother and Baby

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03Aug 11

It’s a boy!

On June 6, Chris and I found out we were expecting a baby boy.

It seems to be common practice in the UK to choose not to find out the sex of your unborn child – the majority of my UK friends wanted it to be a surprise and decided to wait until D-day.

That is not the case in Madrid. Generally speaking, all mums-to-be are told the sex of their baby at the four-month scan – one friend specifically requested that she not be told, only for the doctor to then repeatedly refer to her child as a ‘chica’.

Cultural differences aside, we wanted to find out whether we were having a little boy or a little girl as soon as we could.

From my point of view, it was all about bonding. Having decided to have our first baby on our own in a different country – an increasingly brave decision I have realised – I wanted to connect with my child from the outset. And the best way to do that was to find out whether it was a he or a she.

Until that point, my baby had been a slightly expanding tummy, severe nausea and extreme tiredness. Now he was a tiny little person, my little man.

Chris’ motivation for finding out the sex was different – and it seemed to have something to do with his Lego collection in the loft.

As one of three boys himself, he had his heart set on building dens and bringing his own childhood back to life.

He would of course have been delighted if we were expecting a daughter, but having a son has given him the perfect excuse to recapture some of his own misspent youth. Had our child been a little girl, it’s safe to assume she would have been signed up to rugby classes regardless.

I talk to our baby everyday – particularly now he is in the kicking stages – and knowing that he is a little boy makes that a much more personal experience.

It has also made shopping a whole lot easier. Not that I am going down the blue/pink route, but being able to decorate the nursery and pick out tiny outfits with my son in mind is a wonderful feeling.

So in a little over three months, we will welcome our little boy. And I am so excited to meet him. Yes, I could have waited to find out the sex and kept it as a surprise, but I think becoming a first-time mum on that day will be surprise enough.


  1. Wow!! Congratulations!!
    I have two boys age 2 and 11 months and they are the pride and joy of my life!!!
    So happy for you!

  2. LegoLAD x


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